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Personalize Your Home

Whether you are looking to add more electrical outlets, upgrade to energy efficient fixtures, install dimmer switches, or add combined AC power/USB receptacles, Grand West Electric can help you save energy and money while adding value, comfort, and convenience to your home.

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Automate Your Home Systems

As a Control 4™ building automation dealer and installer, Grand West Electric can give you one-touch control over your lighting, audio/visual, window covering, temperature, and energy systems.

Our solutions maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind by offering interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easily enjoyed by the whole family.

Automate Your Home Systems

  • Simple One Touch Control

    Control 4™ gives you convenient one-touch control over your home systems. Manage lighting, regulate temperature, control video, stream music and arm your security system from the Control 4™ touch screen or from your smart phone.

  • Control Now, More Later

    Control 4™ is expandable, making it easy to add new systems in the future. Choose to automate one home system now and add another in the future. It is also compatible with Apple TV and cable boxes.

  • Recommended by Grand West

    Control 4™ is the same system Grand West Electric has installed in custom-built homes all over the Calgary Region. It’s the only system we recommend for controlling and integrating your home systems.

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Home Warranty Protection

Any work performed by Grand West Electric is covered under your home warranty.

Licensed Dealer/Installer

We are a licensed dealer and installer of Control 4™ home automation systems.

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Our familiarity with your building allows us to offer estimates over the phone.